Embracing the Perfect Time to Hit the Reset Button


Winter storm Jonas arrived at the perfect time as far as I am concerned.

As we drifted off to sleep last night (Friday) the storm parked itself on our doorstep.

As we awoke this morning, my eyeball estimates tell me fourteen inches of powdery, snow now blankets the ground outside our home.

Jonas1 (2)

It’s still coming down and the end is still a long way off.

Unless you are completely off the grid, I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about when I refer to Jonas as the entire northeastern part of the country is in the path of this massive winter storm.

When did they start giving names to winter storms?

I thought the storm naming thing was reserved for hurricanes.  It makes it feel personal when I refer to Jonas dumping multiple inches (and even feet) of the frozen white stuff.

Thanks to Jonas, I get to stay home for the entire weekend.

Gracias, my friend, as you have allowed me to press the proverbial reset button.

Jonas arrived a little late to wreak havoc on a workday commute – perfect timing!

This weekend there will be no excursions to the mall, Wally-world, or the store with the red and white bullseye on the side of the building.

Are you sensing my disappointment?

The storm gave us a reason to take a short walk and to experience the blizzard conditions first hand (not to mention doing Round One of digging my car out of the snow).

Jonas1 (4)

We managed to get our “bread, milk, and eggs” the day before the big guy arrived, fending off other desperate and wacky shoppers. If you care to drop by we will have plenty of French toast available to feed you.

Good Lord, it’s probably going to be an entire day or two before we can get to Mankato to stock up again.

However, the availability of ample food supplies is dependent on whether Charles and Caroline Ingalls and the other Little House on the Prairie settlers beat us to the punch!

All kidding aside, I am ecstatic to simply stay home and hang out.

I am embracing the opportunity to hit the reset button.

Most of all I get to sit down, collect my thoughts, and write.

Yes, write.

I have missed doing so over the past month and the adjustment to some new demands has played a little game of cat and mouse with my schedule.

I previously wrote about some of my feelings here as I attempt to step beyond the temporary hurdles which I face.

Again, thank you for your patience as I navigate some new waters.

We live in a world which pushes us most of the time to the point of frenetic.

We utter the word busy like it is some sort of altar to which we must bow and pay homage.

The pace of the rat wheel hits turbo speed and there is rarely a moment to think at all – let alone clearly.

Most of all, the elusive nature of quiet has allowed some static to be heard over the airwaves during a time where I most assuredly need to hear what God wants to communicate to me in general and specifically.

This is what I have been experiencing and my hunch is you are right there with me in one form or another whether you recognize it or not.

We are encouraged to “be still and know that I am God”. (Psalms 46:10)

Jonas1 (3)

The Message version puts it an interesting twist on it.

“Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.”

Step out of traffic, an interesting word picture for sure!  It gives you a decided sense of potentially being run over.

I am grateful for Jonas showing up at this point to force the issue and handing to me on a silver platter the opportunity to “be still”.

To me, it is a gift of God and it could not have come at a more precise time!

However, I can’t rely on a winter storm to park my tail in the comfy confines of my house to get some think time.

The process of “being still” has to be intentional.

Like you, I am faced with some decisions which need to be made about one thing or another.

The distractions of the day-to-day multiplied by an array of various other factors tends to crowd out our ability to clearly process some thoughts.

If we are going to get any sliver of quiet time we may have to put aside some things and swap the time devoted to them to invite stillness into our domains.

TV time, playing with our phones, checking social media, and other distractions may need to be treated like a petulant child who needs a “time out”.

Any or all of them may need to be sent to the corner to take a break.

In short, a conscious decision needs to be made to create the time to do what you want or may need to do.

The only thing stopping us from doing so is us.

I can’t wait for a massive winter storm to force the issue on a regular basis.

However, I can act intentionally and give myself permission to get alone when I need to do so.

What about you?

What is it going to take for you to get a few moments to yourself to simply hit the reset button, be quiet, and think?

If you are seeking permission consider it granted.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks Jonas for coming at the perfect time and affording me the opportunity to hit the reset button!


Photos Courtesy of Creative Commons and Bruce R. Cross

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  • Thanks for a great reminder of the importance of down time. The adversary’s greatest weapon these days is that we are just too busy to stop and listen to our creator.

    • Randy – thanks for dropping by and I could not agree more about the need to stop and listen! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • I love that you are taking this storm and making it a great experience for you. To be still, and to reconnect with yourself and your passion. (I like the pictures, too.) Oddly, in Columbus, we didn’t get ANY snow. Every year, I also set the reset button, reviewing the year and looking ahead. Introspection is a positive source of energy. Enjoy the rest of the blizzard!

    • Skip – I am honored that you took the time to not only visit but also that you took the time to share some thoughts. Just got in from digging out of the remnants of the additional snow! Really appreciate your affirmation to hit the reset button! Blessings….Bruce

  • Well talk about making lemonade from lemons! I love the way you took the opportunity to commune with God my friend. I hope you are able to get yourself dug out fairly easily and stay safe! We didn’t get anything – as in not even a coating! It’s very different for us but caused praise and thanksgiving for other reasons so God is good and always knows exactly what we need at exactly the right time.

    • As you know, my posts have been hit and miss lately. No excuses. Simply following the Lord’s leading to hit the reset button in this area too! We measured at least 22 inches of snow. Lots of exercise this AM as church was a NO GO. Thanks for chiming in….Bruce

  • Robert Lawson

    Having 4 of our 5 children still at home and Marisela being away at Camp Hebron for a scrap booking weekend made it a little challenging getting into some quiet time but I did enjoy my time with them, creating wonderful memories!

    • Blessings my friend! I think you deserve a back rub for filling in as MR MOM!