It’s More Than Time

It’s time.  It’s more than time. I have imagined sitting down to write this post countless times over the twenty-plus months.  I had zero intention of going A-W-O-L in November 2017 from sharing on this platform. However, for a variety of reasons I did. Guilt knocked on my door often, trying to lure me into […]

The Beauty of a Lifelong Friendship

Wishing My Wife a Happy Birthday!

Today is a special day and one worth noting. It is the day, six decades ago, God brought into the world my wife and best friend, Jackie.

I know I am taking a chance by disclosing her age as most women do not care to have this piece of their bio publically revealed.

However, it is worth the risk!

Book Review: Play the Man

Becoming the Man God Created You to Be

There have been many times I have listened to a song, watched a movie, or read a book where the instantaneous and overwhelming thought has been – “this one is a winner”.

In other words, the content has the potential to be life impacting, if applied.

Such is the case for a book I recently read as part of Mark Batterson’s book launch team.

Mark’s latest masterpiece, Play the Man: Becoming the Man God Created You to Be, is more than a book.

The Ultimate Ground Zero

Celebrating the Resurrected King

The term “ground zero” as found in the online version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as the point directly above, below, or at which a nuclear explosion occurs.

In short, it speaks of something which causes a radical change to the landscape.

In our twenty-first century nomenclature, it is a term which we often use in reference to the horrific events of September 11, 2001, as in the location of the World Trade Center collapses becoming referred to as Ground Zero.

Another definition, and the one to which I defer, is used to describe the very beginning.

Today is Easter Sunday.

Resting Toward the Finish Line

Outdoor cycling season is right around the corner.  In fact, I was able to log some outdoors miles this past weekend – in short, a much welcomed change of scenery! It reminded me of a prior cycling experience.  I recall the moment as if it happened yesterday.  It was an overwhelmingly hot July day in […]

Falling Down and Getting Back Up

Olympic Rings

The games of XXXI Olympiad which started a couple of weeks ago in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will soon be drawing to a close.

The thing I love most about watching the Olympics is learning about the back stories of the individual athletes which allow the viewer to get a glimpse of what it took to qualify for the Olympic games in the first place.

These are stories which describe triumphing over obstacles which come in all forms.