Finding Your Path

“The process of finding and claiming your calling is a journey, one that requires you to leave what you know in search of what you don’t know.  Yes, there’s a mystery to it, but the way you go about it is by putting one foot in front of the other.” – Jeff Goins

Photo Courtesy of Todd Stoner

In Search of the Mile Long Driveway

Kids Walking

Can I ask you an honest, but direct question?

Has your life, or more succinctly the vision you had for your life, remotely played out like you thought it would?

If your answer is “yes” to the question posed, you are to be commended.

Your life must be full of green grass, a tree-lined walkway, and castles awaiting your arrival as you stroll without a care toward your destination.

He Refreshes My Soul



For the first time in almost two weeks my post-longing fingers are hitting the keyboard in an attempt to write something meaningful, anything meaningful.

Although I have been blogging informally for several years, two years ago I made my writing “official” by publishing this blog under my own domain name.

Winners of UNDONE Book Give-Away


I apologize for falling off the radar screen last week and for the delay in announcing the winners of the UNDONE Book Giveaway mentioned on my last post.

I have experienced a subtle version of being Undone in the past week with multiple limo driving assignments (my interim, make some extra $$ job), house hunting, house showing, and getting other details attended to for the start of my new employment which starts 3 week from now.

What can I say?

Life’s is a good blurry at the moment!

Drum roll please…..the winners of the book giveaway are Dick L. (Pennsylvania) and Jessica L. (United Kingdom).

Congratulations to the both of them!

 Photo Courtesy of Bruce R. Cross