Anyone with small children can attest, kids ask a lot of questions. They do so repetitively I might add. It’s their primary method of learning, especially at a young age. “Why?”, seems to be at the top of the question asking list. My children asked this question often as they were growing up. I hate […]


The question I have for you is this, how are you doing?   To say we are living in interesting times would be an understatement.  The current circumstances in which we find ourselves are unlike any of us, except the most elderly among us, have ever experienced. Societal foundations are being rocked to the core.  […]

It’s Time to Pause

In my last blog post, I affirmed the following as it pertains to life as we now know it due to the current set of events with the epicenter referred to as the coronavirus.   “I personally believe a giant, reset button is being pressed and we would be wise to ponder our personal and […]

And This is 20 / 20!

The ball has long dropped, the hoopla surrounding New Year’s Eve is now over, and the start of a New Year and decade has begun. The ship called 2020 has set sail. ABC News introduced its longtime newsmagazine, 20/20, in 1978. For some of us this is a lifetime ago! As the old year gave […]