Father’s Day Revisited


Perhaps the title of this post should be “Hey Dad, Better Late than Never” or “Oops I Missed Father’s Day” or anything else catchy to get me off the hook, given I missed my blog post deadline by a long shot.

There were reasons. Some were even compelling.

With writing time at a minimum I had to prioritize between public writing and personal writing.

Personal won out.

There were the four letters I wrote last week, one to each of my three adult daughters in addition to the one I wrote to my wife to express some reverse Father’s Day thoughts and tell them how important they are to me.


I am indeed a blessed man to share in each of their lives and am grateful for my gals who call me “Daddy” as well as the one who has shared the role of parenting with me and who gave me the privilege of wearing the hat with the “Dad” label on the cap.

In addition, there was another special delivery letter I was led to write commemorating some warm thoughts between a father and his daughter.

My mind could not help but think of friends who unexpectedly lost their son last week. We traveled to pay our respects and to let them know we care about them. My heart ached to learn of their pain. I cannot imagine the spectrum of thoughts and feelings which abruptly burst onto the stage of their hearts as an uninvited intruder.

I prayed for them multiple times, most particularly on Father’s Day which had to be difficult.  They will continue to be in  my prayers.

A few days before Father’s Day, the night I usually work on my posts, I had an unusual desire to watch an old movie, The Field of Dreams.

Jackie had texted me earlier in the day and in her text wrote “if you build it they will come” citing the movie as a means of encouraging me in something personal connected to my own dreams.

I watched the movie in an entirely different light and wound up sobbing uncontrollably during the last scene.  When Ray asks John (his father), “Is there a heaven?” and John replies, “Oh ya, it’s the place dreams come true” I simply lost it.

It was as if God was saying to me, “I know the plans I have for you.  They are plans to prosper you…to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

It made me think of my own Dad, who has been gone nearly fifteen years. He was a good man. I am especially grateful to be called his son and am thankful for the moments he took to catch ball with me when I was a boy. I would love to get out the gloves right now and invite him to toss a few with me as an excuse to share some private thoughts with him.


However, he will have to remain in my memories until the day when I see him again. Dad, you are missed!

I know Father’s Day has passed. The Hallmark sentiments and gift giving may be over. The day does not have to be “official” to celebrate our Dads (or Moms).

Dads (and Moms) each day is a day to treasure the precious gifts given to us in our children, both the young and the young at heart.

Take the time to invest in their lives.

Do something fun with them or dare I say, even wacky.

Above all, let them know you care by spending time with them and letting them know you love them. The little chap below is my grandson, Garrett, sharing a treat and a ball game with his Daddy.

Garrett and Jeff

I will even overlook the team colors not being my Pittsburgh “black and gold”.  The memories created between father and son are surely golden!

As you invest the time, energy, and love into your children, you will reap dividends for generations. It is worth the investment.

Happy belated Father’s Day to all who qualify!